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11 Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing

11 Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing

Why Do You Need AI Tools?

Artificial Intelligence has made a massive shift into digital marketing. There are new launches of AI-generated tools which are a helping hand for all digital marketers. Digital Marketing is such a vast subject that requires precision and smart decisions to make quality content. Sometimes the work can be time-consuming which is why AI tools are made to act as a helping tool. Within 2023, numerous AI tools have been launched and they have surely marked their way up to being the best AI tools for digital marketers.

Discover some of the Best AI Tools for digital marketing:

1. ChatGPT

Launched: 2022

Purpose: AI Chatbot

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence bot that happens to make human-like conversations. With ChatGPT you can create written content on any given topic. All you need to do is give a written task and it will generate content within no time also for generating content strategies. It's a great helping tool for marketers and students.

Chat GPT AI Tool
Grammerly AI Tool

2. Grammarly

Launched: 2009

Purpose: Content Editing

One of the best helping AI tools is Grammarly for all the marketers out there. It helps in terms of editing and drafting well-structured content by correcting spelling, punctuation, grammar, and even style errors. A good tool to incorporate when you have a lot of content to edit and it can be done through Grammarly within less time.

3. Midjourney

Launched: 2022

Purpose: Image creator based on text prompts

Midjourney is an Artificial Intelligence Program that helps to create images based on the given text prompts. It has become a famous tool for generating images and the images can be animated, text, or simple photos. All it takes is an explanation of the picture you want to create. It is simple, easy, creative, and fun to use.

Midjourney AI Tool
Deep L AI Tool

4. Deep L

Launched: 2017

Purpose: Language Translator

For marketers and writers, Deep L helps you in the language translation process. This AI tool offers more accurate translations than the alternative which is Google Translate. Deep L may not have as many language translations as Google Translate has but there are 30 languages in which you can translate.

5. Buffer

Launched: 2010

Purpose: Generate ideas for Social Media Post

Buffer is mainly used to schedule social media posts for platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Pinterest. Buffer AI assistant also helps to generate ideas for social media posts. It is quite useful in terms of social media marketing.

Buffer AI Tool
Surfer SEO AI Tool

6. Surfer SEO

Launched: 2008

Purpose: SEO Management

For all the SEO experts this tool is a must-have. Surfer SEO helps experts to do SEO effectively and efficiently. It helps to optimize content in the search engine. You can use this tool to solve the trickier aspects of the SEO and you can solely focus on more important parts.

7. Brand24

Launched: 2013

Purpose: Social Media Monitoring Solution

If you want to walk with the trends, then Brand24 is the one tool that helps you get insights into the latest trends. Also, it includes metrics, charts, recommendations, and analysis of processed data. Great for businesses to make informed decisions and improve their strategies.

Brand24 AI Tool
MarketMuse AI Tool

8. MarketMuse

Launched: 2011

Purpose: Content Auditing

MarketMuse is used for content auditing which means it's a helping tool for marketers to form content that creates relevancy and meets the SEO needs. It also offers tools for content research, creation, optimization, strategy, and analysis, everything from one platform.

9. Seventh Sense

Launched: 2013

Purpose: Email Marketing

Seventh Sense is used to simplify the email marketing campaign. When marketers spend endless hours crafting one draft of an email to send it to prospects. Seventh Sense tackles that and makes your email marketing hassle-free and you can work with ease.

Seventh Sense AI Tool
ManyChat AI Tool

10. ManyChat

Launched: 2015

Purpose: Chat Marketing

Have you ever found chatbots to be helpful? While inquiring about a brand. Then you must be a bigger user of chatbots. ManyChat is an AI tool that helps you to create Facebook chatbots for various purposes such as marketing, sales, and even support.

11. Hemingway App

Launched: 2013

Purpose: Content Editor

Hemingway App does justice for you in terms of the content editor. For all content writers, you are always running out of time because of creating content and you require a helping hand. This tool is the right one for you as it helps you in the editing process. It edits line by line and tells you where you require proper editing. This way you can improve on writing quality content.

Hemingway App AI Tool

Why Do You Need AI Tools?

AI tools are worth it when you know how to use each of them to your advantage in the digital marketing world. The workload can be hefty for the marketers out there. But with the innovation of the tools the work is made easy and fun. Also, people can easily rely on them as these tools make life easier. Try using one of them and you can see the difference.

AI tools are valuable because they optimize processes, enhance decision-making, save time and resources, and drive innovation across numerous industries and applications. Whether in business or everyday life, AI has the potential to make a significant impact.

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